Why Wellness Communications Need to Address Addictions

When most people hear the word addiction, they may think of alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography, but unhealthy obsessions can reach beyond these areas and include food, shopping, the Internet, and more. If you consider these and other types, addictions affect more of your wellness program participants than you may realize.

It’s time that wellness communications tackle the topic of addictions… more specifically, how people can permanently and healthfully fill the “fix” void so they don’t fall back into their destructive ways.

Discover the Secret Ingredient for Effective Wellness Communications

Have you ever heard that “A picture is worth 1,000 words”? The saying may seem trite, but it’s a truth often overlooked in today’s wellness communications.

Pictures, and in particular humorous illustrations or cartoons, have a certain power that can’t be conveyed in words.

“Our brains are ‘wired’ to quickly grasp an illustration’s meaning and to remember its visual message more vividly than a textual one,” according to the Hope Health special brief, “The Case for Cartoons in Health and Wellness Communication.” Find out more in this FREE brief, click here.