Employee Health & Wellness Newsletters: Do You Make These 5 Critical Errors?

Over the last 30 years, I’ve seen a few great employee wellness newsletters. But truth be told, most of them are terrible. I am in the business of producing employee wellness newsletters so I am a tough reviewer.

Here are the 5 critical errors we regularly see in workplace wellness newsletters:

1. No news: There is no newsworthy content. Many rookie editors of wellness newsletters forget to put “news” in the letter. No local news… no breaking news… no relevant trends. . . no tying content to context.

Employee Health & Wellness Newsletters: 5 Winning Tips to Maximize Readership

Putting together a great workplace wellness newsletter can be simple, fun, inexpensive, and rewarding. Follow these 5 tips and your newsletter will be the talk of the town: Tip #1: Produce an annual Editorial Schedule. Think about seasons-of-the-year, seasons-of-life, local events, and local resources. Organize your subject possibilities into distinct departments. For example, we use…