Turn employees into wellness spokespeople…Tap Wellness Program Participants to Inspire One Another Along Their Wellness Journeys

When it comes to health and wellness, success can inspire success. Seek out testimonials and other participant involvement for your wellness communications. Reading or hearing how a co-worker has lost weight, quit smoking, or taken up a new activity can provide that “If they can do it, so can I” nudge for others to take action to improve their health.

Just how powerful can this positive peer influence be? Envision two one-page fliers, both informing employees about a new, upcoming health and wellness program offering.

  • The first flier begins by describing the offering in detail, complete with statistics and specifics.
  • The second flier begins by showcasing Susan, an employee who is now healthier and happier because she’s participating.

Which flier is more likely to grab your attention? Chances are it’s the second one. Your wellness program participants will probably think the same thing.