How Financial Professionals Bet Against Wellness Coaches & Public Health Officials

Boy, oh boy! Where has my head been? Don’t answer that. All these years I, and thousands of other health professionals, have been trying to find ways to get as many people as possible to adopt healthful lifestyles. As it turns out, the smart money has always betted against us.

Financial professionals know that adopting a healthful lifestyle is a very simple, common-sense approach that hasn’t a chance of ever happening with enough people.

Internal Blogs – Promoting Two-Way Conversations

In many organizations, wellness and benefits communications can tend to be one-sided. Companies know what they want to say so they create communications that speak to employees rather than with them.

This approach can come across as jargoned and pitchy, like continual advertisements for a product employees didn’t ask for in the first place. This style of communication doesn’t make employees feel like they’re part of the communication. It takes two sides to communicate; otherwise, you’re just lecturing through various formats.

One way organizations can open communications with
their employees is through an internal blog.

An internal blog allows employees to ask questions about benefits and the wellness program, and share health comments and concerns. As your company sets up an internal blog to communicate with staff about wellness and benefits, consider the following: