Workplace Health & Wellness: The 5 Big Myths BUSTED by the Truth! And the Next 6 Steps You Should Take

Some day (hopefully soon) we’ll have a period of capitulation and shed these five myths that have limited our ability to help Americans lead healthier lives.

Myth #1: Wellness programs reduce health-care costs and produce a significant Return on Investment (ROI).

Truth: Programs don’t and can’t because of arithmetic. Those claims of fantastic savings don’t add up and can’t stand up to even my simple math scrutiny. Besides, when the overall population is unhealthy, all those people not working at the healthy workplace create a huge demand for health-care services. You may build an island of healthier people, but the sea of illness surrounding you will raise your costs, too.

A 9 Word Wellness Message That Broke Through

I recently saw a t-shirt on a college-age, female athlete that made me laugh… and then think. Funny how that works, huh? The t-shirt’s message scrawled across her back was, “I work mine off so I can kick yours.”

We can learn a lot from this style of communication:

A. I immediately knew who the joke was on. Me. And it made me laugh.

B. It was a great example of brief and clear communication. No confusion whatsoever.