The Health & Wellness Promotion 2013 Summer Reading Program… 5 All-Star Book Recommendations from the C+ Student

When people ask me, “What the hell are you smoking, Connors?” I know they really mean, “What are you reading?”

Often a first reaction to a counter-intuitive message is to be angry. Kill the messenger! Somebody talk to him, please! Is this guy nuts? That kind of knee-jerk response is validation that the change process is beginning.  But for change to be sustainable it requires truth, facts, and ideas. The power of words remains a powerful force in shaping the future.

I selected these five books because they do a great job of challenging us to be critical thinkers; these authors lay out the facts, and offer deep insights and workable solutions to seemingly insurmountable national health problems.

Why Wellness Programs Need Branding

Naming your company’s wellness program, “(Fill in company name) Wellness Program” is sort of like naming your baby boy “John Doe.” It’s generic and doesn’t really give your wellness efforts their own identity and personality.

If your wellness program doesn’t have its own unique name and logo, take a cue from marketers and focus on branding your organization’s wellness efforts so employees easily recognize your wellness program and want to participate.

The Not-So-Secret Ingredients to a Successful Workplace Wellness Eating Event

People love to eat, and your wellness program participants are likely no exception. Eating has become the “Great American Pastime.”

According to one survey, Americans spend:

  • 67 minutes a day in primary eating and drinking,
  • Another 23.5 minutes eating while doing something else, and
  • Another 63 minutes drinking while doing something else.

In addition to being a much anticipated, enjoyable activity in most people’s daily lives, eating also needs to be about health. After all, we are what we eat, right? This is where your wellness program can come in. Make nutritious cooking and eating staple ingredients a part of your wellness program recipe.