Workplace Wellness − Two Old Pros Tell Us It’s Time to GET Back to Basics

My friend and workplace wellness expert, Ken Holtyn, has been successfully implementing wellness programs for small and medium-size workplaces for 30 years. He recently told me this about the history of workplace wellness:

“Worksite wellness has stuck its foot in its mouth big time − twice. Once, when in the early days of wellness some bright soul told a company how much money they could save them. And 30 years later we are still trying to prove it!

The Health & Wellness Promotion 2013 Summer Reading Program… Book #1

Book #1: “The Spirit and Science of Holistic Health, More Than Broccoli, Jogging, and Bottled Water… More Than Yoga, Herbs, and Meditation” (2004). By Jon Robison & Karen Carrier.

This is One of My Favorites

I could write an entire white paper on why this book is the best book ever published on wellness. My own paper copy is dog-eared, marked up, stained, and includes hundreds of my own notations. But because the name of our organization is Hope Health, here’s one of my favorite quotes from this book.