New Perspectives in Wellness & Benefit Communications: Less is More Think “Telegraph Message”

“He can compress more words into the smallest idea of any man I ever met.”
— Abraham Lincoln

This week I am posting a section of our popular eBook, New Perspectives in Wellness & Benefit Communications, that people have told me helped a ton in improving their writing skills. It’s the fourth of eight timeless truths in workplace (or anyplace) communications. Only a C+ Student could come up with something so simple, loaded with common sense, and easy to do. Hey, I am a big believer in critical thinking – not overthinking.

The average attention span of Americans today is roughly the time it has taken you to read this sentence. “You only have a minute to gain their attention” is an incorrect maxim. You have about 2.7 seconds. And then you have to keep their interest so they can act upon your communication?

That’s not easy, to say the least. You’re trying to reach employees at the same time they’re updating some files while instant messaging with co-workers while straightening up their desks while listening to a conference call. Do they have a minute? Actually, no.

Spend a Little Time Looking for Health Information and be Rewarded With Billions of Dollars’ Worth of FREE Wellness Resources

Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? It can be fun to locate the different items on your list, can’t it? Recreate the popular searching game next time you’re looking for free health and wellness information and resources for your wellness program. You may be surprised at just how much you can find if you comb through national resources.

The federal government and big national health organizations spend billions of dollars gathering and creating credible health and wellness information, tools, and other resources. The goal of these groups is to raise awareness of particular health-related issues to keep people in the best physical, emotional, and financial shape they can be. These groups want you to use what they provide, so do them a favor and use it.

Call in the Medical Experts to Ensure Your Wellness Communications are as Healthy as They Can Be

If you’re researching topics for your wellness communications, you’ll find there is no shortage of information available. However, not all sources provide sound medical advice. How do you know what to trust?

It can be tricky – really tricky, even for wellness communication experts who keep up to date on the latest findings. Information may sound credible even when it’s not and what may have been the accepted recommendation last week could have changed already.