When Wellness Worlds Collide Wellness Critics Respond to Attack

WellSteps and Ron Goetzel VS Al Lewis and “some government contractors, and scholars, and wellness critics.”

The first Webinar to contrast the current worksite wellness model – with the emerging evidence based model of creating a culture of well-being.

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Your Wellness Program’s Success is Equal to the Energy and Creativity You Put Into It

Have you ever experienced burnout from an exercise routine? It is a common problem for many people, even the most devoted fitness fanatics. You do the same thing over and over. Then, after awhile, you can become bored and just can’t get motivated to keep going, no matter how good your intentions may be.

The same can be true for your wellness program and its participants. If you include the same activities time and time again without adding anything new or different, your wellness program participants may lose interest.

Here are 4 ideas to increase enthusiasm and involvement in your wellness program: