Can Workplace Wellness be Low Cost and Still be Good? Yep, Here’s How…

This week we’re re-printing trend #4 from our popular eBook, New Perspectives in Wellness and Benefit Communications. Although we wrote this a couple years ago, we’re seeing a lot more interest in tapping into local communities to power workplace wellness programs. Not only are the resources rich, but most of them are free. Enjoy!

Your Community is an Untapped Gold Mine Waiting to be Discovered

How would you feel if a great fresh food chef offered to take your employees to the local farmers’ market and show them ways to buy and prepare food in quick, easy, nutritious ways? Sounds like fun.

Or if the local sports store was heading up a program that offered a cool and rewarding way to get young girls interested in running to build their self-esteem and confidence at the same time? Outstanding.

Think about the bicycle shop offering a family riding tour on the local rails-to-trails route. What a great day that would be.

What if the most insightful thinkers and scholars in health and human behavior from the local colleges were ready and willing to share their wisdom and insights with you all the time? Invaluable.

All the above are examples of actual events taking place in our home community of Kalamazoo, Michigan.