Workplace Wellness: Two Fatal Flaws

My family and I embrace a wellness lifestyle. Our wish for everyone would be to experience a full, holistic life of great health. In fact, we turned that passion into a business idea more than 30 years ago. Although our business has been successful, the mission is still incomplete. The citizens of our nation are in poor health, and there’s not a scalable solution to solve that problem in sight.

Still, I am an optimist. Some very good and unique ideas are out there. If you’d like a glimpse of the future of workplace health, check out Jon Robison, PhD, and Rosie Ward, PhD. Full disclosure here: We’re going to publish an upcoming book the two are working on. Their ideas are born of experience and get to the core issues of how to build healthy organizations.

For now, we have to take stock of the workplace wellness situation as it is.

How to Join Forces With Other Local Companies to Help Grow Your Workplace Wellness Program

How to Join Forces With Other Local Companies to Help Grow Your Workplace Wellness Program

Many workplace wellness program organizers suffer from the “silo” syndrome, meaning they only think about what they can do within the “silo” of their own company to improve the health of their workers. It’s time wellness managers tear down their “silo” mentality and harvest the field of opportunities around them. Those responsible for a worksite…

Employees May Pay More Attention to Workplace Wellness Efforts if Your Company Leadership is Involved

Let’s face it: Employees will likely pay more attention to something and get behind it themselves if it’s important to their bosses. This is true in all areas of business, including workplace wellness programs.

If you want to engage your wellness program participants, you may want to consider getting the C-suite involved in your efforts.

Remember, though, that company executives already have a lot of responsibilities and are crunched for time. You may be wise to approach the C-suite as a team and suggest that members take turns being the “face of leadership” when it comes to your wellness efforts.