How to Build a Great Workplace Wellness Committee with Employee Volunteers

Sometimes I think most of the problems in the world happen because really smart people are in charge of everything. Maybe average people – using their horse sense, tendency not to over-think, and naïve belief that problems can actually be solved to the benefit of all – should take over all strategic decision making. For everything and everywhere. Why hedge?

A healthy workplace culture is a precursor to a successful workplace wellness program

If you want to make sure you have an effective workplace wellness program – and happy and productive employees – you need to have a healthy workplace culture.

How do you know if you have a healthy culture?

It comes down to how you answer a couple of basic questions:

  • Do people like their jobs?
  • Do employees feel valued at work?

A healthy workplace culture is more important than any wellness program you can create and needs to be in place for any wellness program to be truly effective. To illustrate the importance of a healthy culture, the new eBook, Six Questions that Make Creativity More Valuable Than $$$ When Planning Your Wellness Program, poses this multiple-choice question for readers to answer: Where would you rather work?