For Workplace Wellness Newsletters How To Write Winning Headlines

I am a big believer in the power of headlines. Good ones immediately win the attention of readers, heighten the interest in the subject about to be presented, and take a perspective (spin) at a common issue in a new way.

I’ve often joked that I have a background in direct marketing, which is now totally useless. But that’s not entirely true. The classic book “Scientific Advertising,” by Claude Hopkins, was the first to put forth the concept of testing headlines to see which ones are most effective. “Scientific Advertising” was first published in 1918, and is now just $1.99 in Kindle format. Talk about ROI?

Test Your Headlines for Response

You should test headlines, too. Before you announce the upcoming event, put up a poster or flyer, write a blog article, or type a subject line into your next eMail – test the headline.

Write down four good headlines. Think, “How to…,” “These 5 Ways…,” “New…,” “Limited…,” etc.  Then, put the headlines on one sheet of paper with check boxes next to them. Make 20 copies, and ask 20 people to put a check mark by their favorite. The exercise never ceases to amaze.