Health & Wellbeing: A resource to recharge your soul

Check out this fantastic little book, “Stuff You Already Know… And Everybody Should,” by my friend, former co-worker, and all-around great person, Gina DeLapa.

I’ve been handing out the book like ripe zucchinis. It’s funny, like tip #371: “Even if you live to be ninety, try not to use the word ‘ointment.’” And solid ones like tip #55: “Don’t let anyone fall in love with your potential. The right person will love you for you.”

Workplace wellness programs shouldn’t play doctor, but many are

Workplace health and wellness efforts fall into two categories – primary prevention and secondary prevention. If you stick primarily with primary prevention efforts, your wellness program will cost less and be more fun than if you focus on secondary prevention. The problem is many organizations are doing just the opposite, and drifting into the practice of medicine.

“Ideally, I’d like to see 80% of all wellness activity on the primary prevention area,” explains Shawn M. Connors in his new, free eBook, “Six Questions that Make Creativity More Valuable Than $$$ When Planning Your Wellness Program.”