How to Have Healthy Workplace Cultures Might Be the Wrong Question. The Best Question May Be: Can We Do Without Workplaces?

The reason I raise this subject is because employees seem to be craving more autonomy and flexibility in when and where they work. In fact, when you talk to people who have this freedom in time and geography, they seem very satisfied and happy in their work.

So being a Capitalist Pig at heart, when I get a hot, new, multi-million dollar business idea that is a sure bet, the first thing I do is become Walter Mitty. I daydream about it. And then, if it still seems cool, I write a sales letter as if I were pitching the business I imagined.

How to Build a Great Workplace Wellness Committee with Employee Volunteers

Guest blogger: Shawn M. Connors, The Best C+ Student in the Wellness Biz

Sometimes I think most of the problems in the world happen because really smart people are in charge of everything. Maybe average people – using their horse sense, tendency not to over-think, and naïve belief that problems can actually be solved to the benefit of all – should take over all strategic decision making. For everything and everywhere. Why hedge?