Add This Element to Your Wellness Communication and People Will Thank You in the Hallways. Guaranteed!

If someone were to challenge me to come up with the fastest way to:

1. Think of one healthy activity most people would consider doing…
2. Get people’s attention and interest immediately and hold them…
3. Generate piles of testimonials from those who did it. And capture great data, too.

Could we pull that off? No, you say? Impossible!  “Oh, ye of little faith,” as our editor Jen would say.

Employees’ families are often overlooked in wellness communications: Here’s how to reach this important audience

For many of your employees, their family members likely are the most important people in their lives and the ones with whom they spend the most time. Chances are also good that many of these husbands, wives, and children may also be covered by your company’s health insurance plan. Are you reaching employees’ family members with your wellness communication messages?

When you keep family members “in the know” about wellness, you:

  • Increase the likelihood that your employees will pay attention to what you’re trying to teach them and act on that health advice. Why? Because a spouse or child might see the information and encourage the entire family, including your employee, to take action together. The family member becomes an at-home ally in your employee wellness efforts.