One Simple Question About the Future of Workplace Wellness and Healthy Cultures

I recently read Dr. Michael O’Donnell’s article in the “American Journal of Health Promotion,” titledFour Lenses Through Which to Develop Wellness Incentive Policies.”

The incentive parts for the ACA law were based on positive ROI data for a wellness program that did not exist. (Read about the Safeway Amendment.) As much as I respect Dr. O’Donnell and find areas of agreement with him within health promotion, I can’t understand his tolerance for the use of extrinsic incentives in workplace wellness programs when they are clearly refuted by science.

Are you reaching this key audience with your wellness communications?

A healthy family is a happy family – and that’s makes for a healthy, happy workplace wellness program, too. If you want your workplace wellness program to be as effective as possible, make sure you’re helping everyone in your employees’ families to embrace health and wellness.

When everyone in a family is living a healthy lifestyle, it makes it easier to make the positive habits permanent.