Workplace Wellness: The Hidden Diseases and the Hidden Agenda

Sometimes when I suggest to clients that their wellness programs may be resulting in unnecessary treatments and procedures, I feel like I grew a third eye in the middle of my head. At this point in the meeting, the (previously happy) clients believe they have a lunatic in the room.

After all, if we find disease earlier we can intervene earlier and improve outcomes. Only makes sense. Just like the fact that if everyone started taking regular walks tomorrow morning then the nation’s lifestyle healthcare crisis would melt away by next Thursday. Looks good on paper. Sounds totally reasonable, doesn’t it?

Print vs. electronic – the real truth

In this day and age of e-everything, you may be tempted to toss your wellness communication print efforts in the recycle bin. However, focusing only on electronic media may not be healthy for your wellness program.

Print is not dead. Print and electronic media efforts can – and should – coexist. The two can work together to help enhance the reach and effectiveness of each other. Direct mail, posters, newsletters, calendars, and brochures can lead people to Websites, videos, and social media sites — and vice versa.