Nothing Negative to Report on Workplace Wellness. Everything is Wonderful. Keep Putting Money Into It.

I just searched the phrase, “How do I get out of my workplace wellness program?” And came up with a little more than 8 million hits. Oh, wait! That was my other search, “How can I get my toes in the water and my ass in the sand like Zac Brown?” Sorry about that.

Anyway, all is good in the workplace wellness world according to the supreme authority on all things: Goggle®.  Apparently, the Internet teems with so much great news about workplace wellness that you’d have to spend a month on the galactic calendar to find any negative comments. In fact, you can type in the most negative words and phrases about wellness you can dream up, and the searches keep coming up all roses for wellness.

Who are you talking to? Knowing the answer to this question is essential for effective wellness communications

When it comes to your health and wellness messages, each of your employees likely has his or her own health habits, motivations, frustrations, and goals. Before you craft your first piece of wellness content, be sure you understand who makes up your audience and what information each subgroup may want and need.

The expectant mother in the accounting department probably wants something different than the soon-to-retire sales manager or the new hire fresh out of grad school.

Ask yourself: What personalities and demographics do I need to reach with my health and wellness message?