Are the Financial & Business Media Defining the Future for Healthy Workplace Cultures?

There are a growing number of people in the financial services business who can tell a “well-run” company when they see one.

Caution: Some financial experts couldn’t build, manage, or sell anything; run a hot-dog stand at noon hour; or meet a peanut payroll. And many talking heads on the daily financial news seem to have photographic memories but can’t think beyond 36 hours into the future as they make their next earnings prediction.

Still, there does seem to be a trend developing within the financial/business community that is starting to notice that workplace cultures matter.

3 tips to entice employees to join your wellness team

A volunteer wellness team composed of employee-participants is essential for a wellness program to succeed. Here are 3 ways to ensure your team is “staffed” with the right mix of volunteers, and rotate in new members to give others a break to prevent burn out.

1. Find new recruits like you would candidates for any other open position in the company.

  • Create a job description that provides details on responsibilities and expected time commitments.
  • Post the “position” in employee break rooms, restrooms, employee-only hallways and stairwells, and on an intranet site if your company has one. You can also send out an email or place a “help wanted” article in a company newsletter.
  • Have “Interested in Serving on the Wellness Team?” sign-up sheets available at wellness events.
  • Ask for referrals from current team members and various department supervisors. Designate a current team member to contact nominees about serving on the team.