5 Questions that will Make Your Wellness Vendors Think They’re Having a Bad Nightmare… A Workplace-Wellness Critique

It appears wellness vendors must be running into all types of objections and “path blockers” in the form of workplace leadership. Recently Dr. Troy Adams posted a short video titled, “How to Overcome 5 Leadership Objections to Wellness.” And then Jesse Hercules posted “7 Personas Who Can Destroy Your Wellness Program, Who’s Blocking Your Path – And What To Do About it.

I’d like to know why leaders object, and why these newly defined personas want to destroy wellness programs. Doesn’t matter, I guess. We must identify, contain, stop, and overcome them. Ours is not to question why…

Are you making these 4 common health & wellness communication mistakes?

You want to be effective with your health and wellness communications, right? So that means you need to rely on the latest and greatest electronic media available to get your messages out, right? Yes and no.

The electronic world of eMails, texts, apps, Websites, and social networks means that you have more options than ever to reach your wellness program audience. Be sure you’re using these tools and resources the right way. Many people are quick to embrace electronic media without doing their homework first.