What is a healthy workplace culture? You’re not going to believe this cuckoo answer

I just read a great article in USA TODAY, the No. 1 newspaper for all C+ students like me. It appeared in the Money section (think green). Here it is, “The Maker movement makes its mark.” If you’re a business leader or managing any aspect of an organization, and you’re not alarmed after you read this, you should be. How’s that for using fear as motivation?

Give your workplace communication a ‘social life’ to increase employee engagement

Social media is a powerful tool, capable of engaging people like never before. Individuals can post, comment, and share information whenever and from wherever they want. Although most people think of using social media to reach external audiences, the online 24/7 platforms are ideal for connecting with internal employee populations, too.

According to an employee engagement study commissioned by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), 79% of employees frequently use social media.

“Social media is an absolute for today’s internal communicator,” said Amy Keinigsberg of K2 Strategic Innovations. “It’s how people communicate to the outside world before, during, and after the workday.”