CPR for Dysfunctional Workplace Cultures — and Why You Should Never Name a Restaurant “Heimlich’s”

Many years ago my wife and I were attending a small wedding rehearsal dinner at a popular local restaurant. The groom suddenly stopped eating, looked wide-eyed, and displayed all the symptoms of having his windpipe plugged. He couldn’t even breathe in to make a noise. A couple nearby people tried to assist him but with no result.

So I jumped up, shrugged my cape over my shoulder (the one with the S on it), took in an extra dose of adrenalin from my 200,000-year-old physiology, and performed a perfectly executed Heimlich Maneuver. The results were spectacular. The groom survived to get hitched the next day. But the whole affair put a bit of a damper on everyone’s dining experience — I mean everyone in the entire restaurant. Ever since then we have referred to that restaurant as Heimlich’s and have never gone back.

You can draw a few points from this story:

Being healthy and happy go hand in hand; inspire your employees to discover the joy of wellbeing

Here’s a great story which shares an elderly woman’s wisdom for living happy. Her 5 Simple Rules to be Happy really inspired us and we wanted to share them with you:

1. Free your heart from hatred
2. Free your mind from worries
3.Live simply
4. Give more
5.Expect less

These rules are simple in their ability to help people find joy in their everyday routine. How can you use these 5 simple rules in your Wellness Program to inspire and touch your employees today?