Do Workplace Health Promotion (Wellness) Programs Work? A Whale of a Tale

Big Fish in a Small PondJust a couple weeks ago I posted this epic guidance: “8 Ways to Debunk Wellness and Health Promotion Research Papers.” It obviously rocked the world of the scientific health-publishing community.

Since then, editorial review boards of respected research journals in the population and workplace-health fields have called emergency meetings. The boards admitted a need for more diligence in evaluating article submissions, and then improving objective, peer-review standards prior to publication. My phone is ringing off the hook. HA! NOT!!

Don’t Let Communication Challenges Crush Your Workplace Wellness Efforts

To turn employees on to your workplace wellness program, you need to get them to tune in. How do you attract – and keep – employees’ attention and prompt employees to take action? By using engaging, timely, relevant health and benefits communication.

What you say, write, or show has the potential to make or maim your wellness program efforts.

Do you know how your wellness program communications are doing?