Wellness Programs of the Future Will NOT Include These 3 Common Practices

OwlThe following three items have been the “tripod” of wellness programs for years. They’re not working.

  • Extrinsic Incentives (employees as Pavlov’s dog)
  • Biometric Screenings (practicing bad medicine at work)
  • Health Risk Appraisals (often inaccurate, always irrelevant)

These following two goals have been the justification of workplace wellness programs for almost 30 years. They’re not being achieved either.

Make 2015 Your Best Workplace Wellness Year Yet with a Little Prudent Planning!

Pages from Planning Guide - 2014Wow, where has 2014 gone? Before we know it, we’ll be ringing in 2015. To avoid a panic in January about what you’re going to do for workplace wellness during the upcoming year, spend time now mapping out your messages and initiatives.

Here are 3 simple, easy strategies to keep in mind as you plan:

 1. Solicit participants for their ideas. If you want people to participate and be engaged in what you provide, you should find out what they want and need. You can gather input through an interest survey. For more on creating a survey, read the past Hope at Work article on crafting a survey.