Why Blue Zones Offers a Better Solution to Poor Employee Health Than Workplace Wellness

Thomas Edison and Team“What can you expect in a Blue Zone community? Better health, greater civic engagement, lower healthcare costs, happier citizens.” That’s a claim from Blue Zones’ Website, which rings true, unlike similar claims from clinically oriented workplace wellness programs. (Blue Zones is a movement to help people live longer, better lives.)

If you’re getting that uneasy, just below the surface feeling that workplace wellness programs may not be working, and may in fact be causing harm, you’ll be joining a growing list of the disenchanted (and enlightened). Welcome to the Jedi Enclave.

The really hard part of this self-doubt is that if we can no longer poke, prod, intimidate, single out, and punish employees (for $350 PEPY) who are not biometrically acceptable, or even somehow pre-diseased, well, really, what is one to do?