What are Hope Health $49 Bundles?
They are an electronic grouping of 6 posters that can be used at a workplace.

How much does a Bundle cost?

Just a flat $49 per workplace. We wanted to bundle the content, not charge a bundle.

What types of information are available in the Bundles?

Each Bundle contains 6 posters covering a variety of health & wellness topics relevant to your audience – self-care, nutrition, fitness, disease management and more!

If I am interested in buying a Bundle, how does that work?

You just select the Bundle you want, drop it into the shopping cart and we deliver it to you via eMail.

Can I print the items in a Bundle if I want?

Yes. You can print the content on your own desktop printer or with a commercial printer, if you’d like. Or, you can distribute the content electronically via an in-house email and post on your Website. The only stipulation is that you cannot re-sell the content, and your license is good for distribution to your employees, at one business per $49 bundle. Call us at 800-334-4094 if you want to distribute to more than one business.

Can I have some of the stuff in the Bundles customized for my workplace?

Yep. It’s pretty easy. There is an extra charge. Call us at 800-334-4094 for details.

What makes these Bundles worth my consideration?

I’ll keep this short like our articles and information. Hope Health content is. . .

  • easy-to-read.
  • relevant. Non-essential information is eliminated.
  • interesting, attention getting, and entertaining.
  • like getting a letter or text from a friend.
  • medically reviewed by a paid physician (medical editor) and a full advisory board.
  • regularly updated for accuracy and timeliness.
  • workplace sensitive for appropriateness.
  • produced under the direction of a skilled and experienced wellness editor.
  • supported by the gold standard in customer service.

Who uses these Bundles?

Wellness managers. . .Human Resource professionals. . . Benefits professionals. . .Trainers. . .EAP professionals. . . hospital social media teams. . .Wellness companies. . .Business Owners. . .and now YOU!