What are Hope Health $49 Campaign Kits?

They are an electronic grouping of multiple media for you to run a successful theme-based campaign at your workplace. The campaign themes cover timely topics, such as colds & flu, healthy weight, fitness, disease management and more. These topics apply to everyone and offer useful information.

How much does a Campaign Kit cost?

Just a flat $49 per workplace.

What types of information are available in the Campaign Kits?

Each Campaign Kit contains multiple formats of media on the specific topic of the kit. You’ll get ready-to-use articles for your in-house newsletters, flyers, eMails, Web content; flyers that you can print-n-post, eMail or post on your Website; and beautifully-designed posters. All of the pieces are designed to work together to reinforce the message.

Plus, each Campaign Kit comes with a Manager’s Guide filled with ideas on how to administer the campaign, sample eMail text, and links to helpful online resources. It makes running these campaigns a no-brainer!

If I am interested in buying a Campaign Kit how does that work?

You just select the Campaign Kit you want, drop it into the shopping cart and we deliver it to you via eMail.

Can I print the items in a Campaign Kit if I want?

Yes. You can print the content on your own desktop printer or with a commercial printer, if you’d like. Or, you can distribute the content electronically via an in-house email and post on your Website. The only stipulation is that you cannot re-sell the content, and your license is good for distribution to your employees, at one business per $49 Campaign Kit. Call us at 800-334-4094 if you want to distribute to more than one business.

Is it easy to put these in circulation?

Yes. Each Campaign Kit comes with a Manager’s Guide. The Manager’s Guide gives an explanation of the enclosed contents, what is unique about the content, and why it’s been produced as it has. Also, included are sample email announcements, announcement posters, and other tools to help you use the content effectively.

Can I have some of the stuff in the Campaign Kits customized for my workplace?

Yes, some items can be personalized. It’s pretty easy. There is an extra charge. Call us at 800-334-4094 for details.

What makes these Campaign Kits worth my consideration?

I’ll keep this short like our articles and information. Hope Health content is. . .

  • easy-to-read.
  • relevant. Non-essential information is eliminated.
  • interesting, attention getting, and entertaining.
  • like getting a letter or text from a friend.
  • medically reviewed by a paid physician (medical editor) and a full advisory board.
  • regularly updated for accuracy and timeliness.
  • workplace sensitive for appropriateness.
  • produced under the direction of a skilled and experienced wellness editor.
  • supported by the gold standard in customer service.

Who uses these Campaign Kits?

Wellness managers. . .Human Resource professionals. . . Benefits professionals. . .Trainers. . .EAP professionals. . . hospital social media teams. . .Wellness companies. . .Business Owners. . .and now YOU!

Can I bundle my own Campaign Kit?

Yes! Simply call us at 800-334-4094 with your choices, and we’ll get you all set up.