9 Signs Your Wellness Program May Be Getting Too Creepy…

Some wellness managers need to be careful with how much they’re getting carried away. If you haven’t had a conscious thought about where the ethical line is in terms of wellness technologies and tactics that get too intrusive − you might have a problem. In the spirit of keeping wellness a blessing instead of a curse, I offer this litmus test.

Your wellness program may be getting too creepy if. . .

  • you’re using tranquilizer darts to make it easier to place pedometers on employees.
  • you’re taking ventriloquist lessons so you can call your employees at their homes and sound just like their wellness coach.

Healthcare Social Media Pros to Lead Hospitals Into Workplace Wellness Space

Lee Aase, Director of Social Media for Mayo Clinic, just told the attendees of the 2012 Content Marketing World Health Summit that the Mayo Clinic has 2,500 videos available on their site for internet visitors. And that 75% of them were shot with $150 flip (pocket) video cameras by Mayo Clinic staff.

 U.S. hospitals are starting to flex their full educational muscles.
And you haven’t seen anything yet!

The content hospitals are developing is easy-to-understand, often entertaining, and much of it is lifestyle and wellness oriented. Your employees will be getting to know the best doctors and specialists locally and nationally via blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and more.