How to Join Forces With Other Local Companies to Help Grow Your Workplace Wellness Program

How to Join Forces With Other Local Companies to Help Grow Your Workplace Wellness Program

Many workplace wellness program organizers suffer from the “silo” syndrome, meaning they only think about what they can do within the “silo” of their own company to improve the health of their workers. It’s time wellness managers tear down their “silo” mentality and harvest the field of opportunities around them. Those responsible for a worksite…

Employees May Pay More Attention to Workplace Wellness Efforts if Your Company Leadership is Involved

Let’s face it: Employees will likely pay more attention to something and get behind it themselves if it’s important to their bosses. This is true in all areas of business, including workplace wellness programs.

If you want to engage your wellness program participants, you may want to consider getting the C-suite involved in your efforts.

Remember, though, that company executives already have a lot of responsibilities and are crunched for time. You may be wise to approach the C-suite as a team and suggest that members take turns being the “face of leadership” when it comes to your wellness efforts.

Get the Most Muscle For Your Money: Attend a Worksite Wellness Conference that Will Improve the Health of Your Program

If you oversee a worksite wellness program, you’ve likely received an invitation or two (or, more likely, two hundred) for conferences that bill themselves as the answer to all your wellness program ills. How do you know which one will give you what you want and need to improve your wellness program?

Here are some things to consider when weighing your options:

  • Who is putting on the conference? Do the organizers have good reputations in wellness circles? Do the organizers have extensive experience with worksite wellness programs?
  • Who will be speaking/presenting at the conference? Is it a good mix of academic types and those with real-world, hands-on worksite wellness experience?

Use the Power of Photos and Videos to Attract Your Wellness Program Audience’s Attention

Think of your wellness program as a product you’re trying to sell to your audience. Now, put on your marketing cap. How should you go about getting potential wellness program participants to buy what you have to offer? Steal a sound selling strategy from the pros: Use photos and videos.

Statistics show that people pay more attention to a message if it includes a photo and/or video. Here are just a few compelling numbers to note:

  • Articles with images get 94% more total views.
  • Adding a photo and a video to a press release increases views by more than 45%.
  • Consumers who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy products, compared to those who do not watch product videos (TMG: We Capture).

Energize Your Wellness Program and its Participants with Food, Fun, and Fitness

If you’re launching a new or revamped wellness program, chances are you’re pretty excited about it and you want participants to know about it. What better way to introduce participants to the new or enhanced offerings than with a fun and active kick-off event.

Here are some tips:

  • Start planning early. Give yourself and your committee plenty of time to figure out what you’ll include at the event, and when and where you’ll hold it. Begin a month to six weeks from the scheduled event date.
  • Get the word out. About two weeks before the event, invite everyone to attend. Send invitations via email, put up posters in break rooms and employee restrooms, and tell supervisors to spread the word.

When it Comes to Your Wellness Program Communications… Here’s How to Get More Muscle from Your Content

You want your wellness program participants to read, understand, and put into action your wellness messages. If you only put out the information once, though, the likelihood that many people will see it – let alone read it and do something with it – may be wishful thinking.

To better guarantee that your wellness content is more effective, put it out there again and again – in different ways and in different places.