Consider freshening up your workplace wellness program for next year; focus on making it simple, affordable, and more effective

A new and growing approach to workplace wellness is under way, gaining in popularity and momentum at organizations big and small in just about every industry. Has your company caught on yet? Do you even know this new era is upon us? This fresh workplace wellness system involves a friendlier, more feel-good focus compared to…

Mini goals may lead to more success than major, all-at-once lifestyle overhauls

Many workplace wellness programs provide a plethora of information and activities. That’s because the ultimate goal of any worthwhile workplace wellness program should be to help employees to embrace healthy lifestyles and lead the most fulfilling lives possible. For many people, arriving anywhere near optimal health involves having to make changes — often in several,…

Give your wellness program a shot of information from local health experts

Coming up with workplace wellness programs and events can be challenging, so why do it alone? Contact your local hospitals, health systems, physician groups, and other healthcare providers for help.

Your area’s medical community likely has experts in many disciplines who would be willing to share their knowledge with your employees. After all, many of your employees may well be patients, and those who aren’t are potential patients.