The Adapting to Stress booklet is great, but why are you choosing not to update the look to match your other products?
Why mess with a classic! People love the Adapting to Stress booklet just as it is, and have ordered hundreds of thousands of copies over the last 25 years and keep coming back for more!

Changing the look would mess up the magic formula that makes Adapting to Stress so effective.

Its non-intimidating approach to stress has become a welcome part of many corporation’s wellness programs. It’s a popular handout in stress classes, health fairs, lunch-n-learns and other events.

Can we personalize Adapting to Stress with our company or wellness program logo?

Yes, Adapting to Stress can be easily personalized by adding a sticker to the front cover. We can help you design a sticker with your company or wellness program logo or a special message to your readers. Call us at 800-334-4094 for details and pricing.

Is Adapting to Stress available in an electronic format?

Yes, Adapting to Stress can be purchased as a PDF file for posting in a secure area on your intranet site. A site license agreement would need to be signed. Please call us at 800-334-4094 for pricing and information on this option.