There are many different workplace wellness calendars available, what makes the HOPE Health Calendar unique?

The HOPE Health Calendar was one of the first wellness calendars designed for use in the workplace. It continues to be a perennial favorite with American businesses and their readers because…

It works! Employees and their families appreciate the simple, clean design. We understand a calendar is meant to be used, that’s why you’ll find the HOPE Health Calendar gives just the right amount of information without overwhelming users. It’s the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

It’s original. All of the illustrations are 100% original and created specifically to enhance and support the monthly tips. You won’t ever find the illustrations used in our calendars elsewhere — such as other companies’ ad campaigns or billboards. This attention to detail makes the HOPE Health Calendar a true original!

It’s functional. The HOPE Health Calendar has large date squares with plenty of room to write. All of the major holidays are noted for convenience. And you’ll see readers using the calendar as their central planning system – at home and work.

It’s affordable. The HOPE Health Calendar is affordable at standard prices. But once a year we offer a 30% discount and a 20% discount for those reserving their calendars early in the season. The 30% discount ends August 30 and the 20% discount ends November 30. Be sure to take advantage of these discounts before they expire.

It’s medically-reviewed. You can rest assured all of the content in the HOPE Health Calendar is reviewed for medical accuracy and timeliness.

What other types of personalization options do you offer for the calendar?

The HOPE Health Calendar can be your own wellness calendar without all of the extra work. By using the base HOPE Health Calendar, and personalizing it for your culture, you get the power and experience of an entire wellness publishing company behind you.

We’ve been producing personalized calendars for over 30 years, and the Representative assigned to your account will have many years of experience (with us). They will share that experience and knowledge with you. The result? You’ll have your own calendar that is appropriate for your unique culture.

View our custom design portfolio for samples.

Why should we give our readers a calendar? Do they really get used anymore with today’s electronic conveniences?

The simple answer is YES – because people love wall calendars. There’s a special magic and convenience that a calendar hanging on a wall brings to the end user. Watch people when they get the HOPE Health Calendar, they flip thru it, point out recipes and tips, and immediately start interacting with the calendar. That doesn’t, and can’t, happen with an electronic calendar. In addition readers will have access to an online Tool Box of original videos, apps, calculators and more that they can access using their mobile devices. The HOPE Health Calendar gives users the best of both worlds – the convenience of print and the interactivity of the Web.

Is the content in the HOPE Health Calendar medically reviewed?

Yes! All of the content in the HOPE Health Calendar is reviewed for accuracy by our Medical Advisory Board.

The HOPE Health Calendar’s content is organized to cover a variety of health and well-being topics. We select topic based on our experience of what works and your feedback on what helps, to make it all come together for an award-winning, time-tested design that engages readers.