There are many different wellness workplace newsletters available, what makes the HOPE Health Letter unique?

People read the HOPE Health Letter. The articles are short and interesting. The content is carefully reviewed for evidenced-based information and accuracy. The design is award winning. And it’s interactive – with links to a wealth of online resources — videos, posters, recipes, apps and more!

Watch a short video that explains our commitment to where you live.

There is so much free information out there — why should we pay for a printed newsletter?

That’s the problem. There is too much information. Much of it is incorrect, misleading, confusing, or irrelevant to people’s everyday lives.

The HOPE Health Letter’s content is organized into disciplined categories:

  • The Whole You (self-care)…
  • Outer Aisle Fresh (fresh foods)…
  • Get Moving (fitness and strength)…
  • Fiscal Fitness (money)

Editorial Schedules are set to cover seasons of the year, seasons of life, and demographic diversity. It all comes together with an award-winning, time-tested design that engages readers.

What is the HOPE Health Letter’s publishing schedule?

The HOPE Health Letter is published monthly. You can choose the distribution schedule that best meets your budget and needs.

Why not just do our own wellness newsletter in-house?

The HOPE Health Letter can be your own wellness newsletter without all of the extra work. In fact, we produce more than 500 different personalized versions of the HOPE Health Letter each issue for clients across the country. Your company name and logo, your articles, images and inserts are folded into it.

By using the base HOPE Health Letter, and personalizing it for your culture, you get the power and experience of an entire wellness publishing company behind you.

We’ve been producing personalized newsletters for nearly 30 years, and the Representative assigned to your account will have many years of experience (with us). They will share that experience and knowledge with you. The result? You’ll have your own newsletter that is appropriate for your unique culture.

Our insurance carrier, or healthcare plan, already gives us a wellness newsletter for “free.” Why do we need another one?

It isn’t free. It’s automatically included in your premiums or fees. Simply inform your broker or representative you’d prefer to receive theHOPE Health Letter. It’s worth the time to make the request.

They can fund it via a reimbursement to you, or pay us directly. We work with benefit brokers all over the U.S. When they see how much their clients enjoy the HOPE Health Letter, or a personalized version of it, they often offer it to all their clients.

Put the HOPE Health Letter side-by-side to the “free” one — you’ll see the difference.

Producing relevant and popular wellness newsletters for workplaces requires a full time, experienced and focused staff. That’s what you get with the HOPE Health Letter.

Wouldn’t a wellness newsletter from a hospital, with a doctor on the cover, be more credible?

The content in wellness newsletters provided by clinical organizations is, well, too clinical! Cold stethoscopes and colonoscopies are not people’s idea of a wellness experience.

There are two types of preventions — primary (lifestyles) and secondary (screening, immunizations, wellness check-ups, etc). Too many wellness newsletters dedicate the vast majority of their content to secondary prevention, which is important. And we support secondary prevention in our content. But our emphasis is on primary prevention, and appealing to people at an emotional level that connects.

I like the HOPE Health Letter, but we’re on a very tight budget. How can we use the HOPE Health Letter and stay within budget?

Our Representatives can come up with a proposal that meets your needs, and that you can afford.

The HOPE Health Letter is published monthly, and can be purchased on a schedule which works for you.

You can choose to do simple to complex personalization issue to issue – based on what’s going on with your program. We can show you how to consolidate other internal messages using inserts, links, callouts, etc. in the HOPE Health Letter, thus saving you money by eliminating multiple mailings and communications!

There are limitless and creative options we’ve implemented for our clients over the last 25+ years. Give us a call — and let us put that experience to work for you.

What if we need to cancel our subscription to the HOPE Health Letter?

You may do so at any time with a written request sent to Hope Health within 45 days of the next issue you are scheduled to receive. No long-term commitment required with the HOPE Health Letter.

Is the HOPE Health Letter available in Spanish?

Yes, the HOPE Health Letter is available in our Classic Illustration-style format in Spanish. It is published on a quarterly basis. For more information, please call us at 800-334-4094.

I thought you had a newsletter for retirees? Is that still available?

Yes, we do have a newsletter available for the retiree population entitled Looking Forward. It is geared for readers aged 50 and older. It is available in our Classic Illustration-style format and is published on a quarterly basis. For more information, please call us at 800-334-4094.