Adapting to Stress Booklet


A classic for more than 25 years

What makes the Adapting to Stress booklet an all-time favorite with clients and readers?

  • BASIC HEALTH VALUES The Adapting to Stress booklet encompasses mind, body and spiritual health.
  • PROPER PERSPECTIVE It’s loaded with insights from the best historical and modern researchers and thinkers. Adapting to Stress reminds us the secrets to true happiness are very simple.
  • CONCENTRATED KNOWLEDGE Each page is a book in itself. It’s as if the last century of best-selling self-help, stress reduction, how to relax and how to change your attitude were all rolled into this one booklet. It’s the best tips from an archive that would fill a library.


  • Handout at a stress reduction program, class or lunch-n-learn
  • Give-away at health fairs
  • New employee welcome package
  • Display in your lounge, lunch, break or reception areas
  • Give one to everyone as a “we care about you” gift

Sold in packs of 25

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