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In the midst of discussions about ROI, financial strategies, and compliance updates, the HOPE Health Letter provides us a consistent, easy way to reinforce our brand and communicate with clients about wellness from a different, lighthearted perspective.



“The HOPE Health Letter is an ideal vehicle for client follow-up. It’s light, helpful, colorful and tangible.”

Tracy Clausen
Account Manager

We have clients with between 50 to 1,500 employees so our wellness program and insurance offerings are customized to meet each client’s unique needs. For Hays, wellness communication is important: we send the HOPE Health Letter to clients on a monthly basis, customized with our brand and logo. Some clients choose to mail these to their employees at home, other clients place copies around their office (in break rooms, bathrooms, at the front desk, etc), and others prefer an electronic PDF version to send via email.

Tracy Clausen, Account Manager


Hays Companies of Georgia is a risk management and employee benefits broker whose mission is to offer cost-effective health, wellness, and other benefit programs that support clients’ needs. They have worked with Hope Health since 1997.

The Hays newsletter is distributed in print and PDF formats to more than 6,900 readers each month.

“The HOPE Health Letter is an easy wellness conversation to have.”

Our approach to wellness is usually focused on the financial ramifications and outcomes behind corporate wellness programs, and how they are connected to insurance. The HOPE Health Letter adds value to our wellness offerings because it shows clients a warmer side of wellness. Regardless of how financially driven a company is, there is still a cultural side to consider. The HOPE Health Letter reminds people that wellness can be fun! We have also found that supplementing the HOPE Health Letter with wellness or compliance updates makes it more likely that clients will read the mailing. Without the newsletter grabbing people’s attention, hard copy compliance updates are less likely to be read.

“The HOPE Health Letter gives our clients an approachable way to communicate with their own employees about health insurance, which can be daunting.”

Our clients also tell us the HOPE Health Letter’s easy-to-understand articles and the fun, cartoon style is especially useful for reaching employees with language barriers, and it offers the employer a less intimidating way to begin more complex discussions about insurance.

We believe the HOPE Health Letter is popular with clients because it offers realistic and easy-to-implement wellness strategies that people are likely to actually try. For example, it doesn’t talk about how to train for a marathon, but instead provides tips about finding a walking buddy at work. It captures your attention but doesn’t require a big time commitment.

“The balance of dietary recommendations, easy exercises to try, recipes, and seasonally-driven content in the HOPE Health Letter does a better job of approaching wellness holistically than other communication I’ve seen.”