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We offer population health services and resources to our clients, and strategic communications is an important component. We have relied on the Hope Health team as an extension of our own communications team for more than 21 years.




“There are many vendors out there, but because of the quality, experienced staff, and flexibility, we would rather work with Hope Health.”

bob-gorsky-roundRobert Gorsky, PhD

We’ve tried other vendors, but we would rather work with Hope Health. Not only do we get experienced writers, editors, and designers, along with production and mailing services, but Hope Health also offers flexibility, which we can then pass along to our clients.


Dr. Bob Gorsky, President

Dr. Bob Gorsky, President


HPN WorldWide specializes in population health and has served more than 1,000,000 families since 1983. Their clients span over 1,000 employers, unions, health plans, health systems and other groups. They purchase 3 custom versions of the HOPE Health Letter and distribute them to more than 8,000 readers. They have been a client of Hope Health since 1994.

Wellness Newsletters

“Hope Health will bend over backwards to get you what you need, they are fun to work with, and the price is right!”

Another value the HOPE Health Letter offers to us is customization. We like that the newsletter offers well-written content at the appropriate reading level for all populations. And we like being able to include our own customized articles in order to meet our client’s specific needs. This kind of customization and flexibility serves to strengthen each client’s own “wellness” brand and can help to optimize specific goals and outcomes.

We always recommend a printed format of the HOPE Health Letter along with a digital version. People’s in-boxes are full; they are scanning email for relevant content and may not take the time to download a PDF. We post the digital versions on the secure health and wellness portals of each client. This allows new hires and others to access prior issues and articles.

“We always recommend both print and digital for our client. If an employer or a health plan sends newsletters via email only, it’s less likely that the employee will forward it to their spouse or other family members.”

This leads to another important benefit of the HOPE Health Letter for us: When mailed to every home, the HOPE Health Letter reaches the families of clients’ employees with important information that can go beyond health and wellness. Custom articles can announce or reinforce certain benefits, support resources, policies, incentives, events, dates, deadlines, recognitions and other group specific news. In some cases, the spouse at home may be the one making the decisions about the entire family’s health. The more adults at home who are informed about health care, wellbeing, and related support resources, the better it is for the whole family.

In addition, the HOPE Health Letter laying on the coffee table at home can attract the interest of ages 11 and up, and can be a great catalyst for learning, and conversations about health and wellbeing.

HPN clients with the best engagement, health cost trends, and other results are those having the HOPE Health Letter going out regularly with these kinds of articles. Every other month seems to work best for most groups.

The HOPE Health Letter keeps people engaged about practical, interesting, and helpful information spanning mental, emotional, physical, family, financial, workplace and other dimensions of wellbeing. It also provides an ongoing touchpoint for clients, and it’s a great tool to create and maintain a caring culture.

“For us, the HOPE Health Letter is a triple win. It’s a value-added offering from an incredible, trusted team; for our clients, it provides medically-accurate and engaging content with amazing flexibility and customization options; and for employees and families the HOPE Health Letter offers inspiration and information that can make a difference — in health, care, wellbeing and success throughout life.”