Primus Health Network, LLC


We support medical centers in southern Florida and wanted to be able to provide our client-facilities with a value-added tool that they could distribute to their patients. Patients appreciate getting regular health and wellness information from their doctors and other medical professionals, so a newsletter was a perfect solution.

Since we didn’t have the necessary publishing expertise itself, we knew we needed to find an experienced partner to help produce the quality newsletter that our clients and their patients deserved. That’s when we contacted Hope Health.

“I view the HOPE Health Letter as a tool to keep patients informed about each office’s services and upcoming events.”

Meghan Hayes
Marketing & Provider Relations Manager

We work with Hope Health to produce our three customized newsletters on a quarterly basis. Each newsletter includes a mix of Hope Health’s newsletter articles, content from the Hope Health Library, and articles that we create specific to each medical center.

Custom Wellness Newsletters Print Version available in Doctor's Offices for Primus Health Network


Primus Health Network, LLC relies on Hope Health’s custom newsletter design capabilities to set itself apart from the competition.

The Primus Newsletters

“The HOPE Health Letter educates and entertains readers; the articles in the Hope Health Library aren’t dry or boring. They are relevant, contemporary and keep our readers engaged.”

While searching for vendors to help me implement our vision, I was impressed with how user-friendly the Hope Health services seemed. The ability to use a template combined with the flexibility to modify content was a huge draw, since I would be the person managing the newsletter. I received an immediate response to my inquiry, and was quoted competitive pricing. Hope Health was extremely helpful in explaining the process of creating the newsletter. Everything about it was an ideal fit for our concept.

Our centers specialize in the managed-care demographic, so I chose to target a more mature audience. Patients who are 65 and older typically visit their primary-care doctor more frequently than other patient populations. They are taking an increasingly empowered approach to their healthcare. To support this, our newsletters offer a wide range of information these individuals might not otherwise read.

I aim to provide information complementing topics addressed in the office, while including topics relevant to everyday life. I view the newsletter as a tool to keep patients informed about each office’s services and upcoming events. The newsletter educates and entertains readers; the articles in the Hope Health Library aren’t dry or boring. The articles offered are relevant, contemporary, and keep our readers engaged. And our readers let us know they love it! We order extra copies for each medical center to keep in the waiting room and distribute at health fairs.

“I know all of Hope Health’s content has been reviewed by a doctor or medical expert.”

A newsletter can also help facilitate doctor-patient conversations. It can be easier to point to an article when describing certain symptoms or bringing up a concern. Our patients favor receiving a hard-copy newsletter, as opposed to an electronic version. It’s something they can relax and read with their coffee.

Hope Health’s services have helped make a daunting task for me extremely manageable. I can tailor the content in each issue to suit our audience without creating every article from scratch. I know the articles have already been reviewed by a doctor or medical expert. The online article library keeps choosing content simple.

“In a sea of brochures, a newsletter stands out — people immediately identify it as a gesture that the physician is willing to go above and beyond.”