REACH Employee Assistance, Inc.


The HOPE Health Letter is a very integral part of our wellness focus that we provide our client- companies. As an EAP, our mission is to give our client-companies the employee assistance and work-life support they need so they can have productive employees.

One of the key areas of any EAP program is wellness education. Wellness encompasses safety, productivity, and health issues. The newsletter really hits the target on timely, relevant topics in these areas, providing information to keep our client-companies well and healthy.



“The HOPE Health Letter provides the information and education component of our promise to client-companies and does so in a professional, yet approachable way, so it’s a perfect fit for what we’re trying to do.”

Dr. Marcus Dayhoff

Dr. Marcus Dayhoff, REACH, CEO


REACH is a leading provider of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) in Southern California. For the past 28 years, REACH has relied on the HOPE Health Letter to provide client-companies with health and wellness information and education — two critical areas of REACH’s overall offerings to its client-companies.

The REACH newsletter is distributed to more than 16,000 employees and family members from REACH’s client- companies.

Corporate Wellness Newsletter Example REACHline published by Hope Health

Client-companies hire us because they want us to help support their workforce. They want their employees to keep showing up, to do a good job, to stay focused, and to not have any health problems and medical issues. So, our mission, our goal really, is to keep our client-companies healthy and well so they can perform. To do just that, we tell our client-companies that we’re going to provide them with information, education, support, and counseling.

“The HOPE Health Letter is critical to help us achieve our image of being a trusted leader in providing employee assistance and work-life services.”

My clients tell me the HOPE Health Letter is a top-notch, professional, yet very practical, very friendly type of newsletter. They just really like the newsletter. They don’t always go into great detail. I just know that my clients are happy and that makes me happy. They respond to the newsletter topics and want to continue to get the publication.

“Client-companies really appreciate the real-life, current issues and life skills that are covered in every issue.”

They also like the great artwork and can tell that there’s been a high level of professionalism put into the research and medical science. Hope Health is highly regarded in the health education, prevention, and wellness fields for its research and literature. And the HOPE Health Letter would definitely help any organization achieve any goals that it might have in regard to wellness, prevention, and disease management.

Hope Health has a very solid reputation of providing the highest level of research and information in employee health and wellness. What’s more, the team has always been responsive. Hope Health’s trusted leadership has always been there to address any of our requests.

“The HOPE Health Letter has been a real critical part of our services, and I greatly appreciate how easy it is to work with Hope Health.”